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In my over 45 years of Investment industry experience, as a broker/dealer, as a bank and trust credit auditor,  as an attorney and as testifying expert/analyst, I have observed that few investors understand risk and timing in their investments.Many have suffered preventable and catastrophic losses well beyond their risk tolerance and too late in life to recover.


Retirees, trust beneficiaries, divorced spouses, and injury victims commonly find their core investments depleted and permanently incapable of sustaining anticipated withdrawals.  

My Blog focuses on conventional investment advice regarding risk management, performance expectations, market  timing and the strategies and alternative investments recommended. My emphasis will be on "Late-Stage" investing and how to best manage portfolios intended to provide income and resources for retirement or ongoing financial demands.

While I do not manage investments, I have been retained often over the past 25 years as a forensic expert on such matters. Caveat Investor!

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